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How to Identify Juliana Jewelry – Chapter 1

Posted on: July 13, 2009

To begin my instructional on how to identify jewelry by DeLizza & Elster, I am first going to go into what type of jewelry they made. In short, D&E made all kinds of jewelry – they competed in the marketplace by keeping up with trends and fads, and so their product line was as varied as the number of years their doors were open (1947-1990).

A new york based company, D&E was in the middle of the hot spot for fashion. They thus produced a product line that began w/huge, over-the-top rhinestone designs of the 50s and progressed to the huge, chunky styles of the 70s and 80s.

Also – let me preface this entire blog w/the statement that it is actually a misnomer to call this jewelry Juliana Jewelry. Juliana Jewelry was a line of paper tagged jewelry made by D&E for only about 2 years, c1966-1968. However, the term “Juliana” has become synonymous w/any jewelry made by D&E. For the purpose of this blog, the terms Juliana and D&E will be interchangeable.

Come back next time when I will be talking about generalized construction characteristics of D&E jewelry and how they relate to the identification of D&E.

They Made:


Juliana Brooch

a brooch/pendant combination

Juliana Brooch/Pendant Combination


A Juliana Pendant


A Juliana Necklace


A Juliana Bauble Bracelet


Juliana Earrings

sweater guards

picture coming soon

rings (quite rare)

these are so rare,

that I may never

acquire one to show you


A Juliana Belt


A Juliana Belt Buckle

hair jewelry

these include clips and combs

picture coming soon


7 Responses to "How to Identify Juliana Jewelry – Chapter 1"

I am a new Juliana (D & E) collector and, like most, have fallen in love and simply can’t get enough. Recently I have aquired a very elaborate belt buckle that is goltone metal with red rhinestones and ABs. What would an appropriate vintage belt be for this period piece? There are few belt buckles available, however, none are pictured with belts. Also, I have a brooch that may be worn as a pendant? Are there original Juliana chains available for this purpose?

Welcome to the world of D&E – you’re going to love it. Generally speaking, the large, over-the-top rhinestone pieces are c1940-1970, but to make sure your buckle is indeed D&E, I’d have to see a front and back picture. As far as chains for the brooch/pendants… those are often lost through the ages. My suggestion would be to find a pendant w/the original chain still intact, and just swap between your pieces. If I can be of more help, please let me know. Another great wealth of information is http://www.julianajewelry.net/

What i find difficult is to find a blog that can capture me for a minute but you definitely add value. Bravo.

What a wonderful blog — very educational! Thank you for what I know is a lot of work (even if it is a labor of love!) And what great pictures; I was wondering if it is possible to see a larger photo of the Juliana belt… I can’t quite make out the design, but *might* have the matching demi (earrings, brooch & bracelet)!

Thank you for visiting – I’m very glad you enjoyed the blog. If you click on the thumbnails, they should open to a larger picture (I hope, lol).

Reblogged this on Magpie Vintage Jewelry and commented:
Here is a fab blog dedicated to educating people about the elusive “Juliana” Jewelry, it was made by DeLizza & Elster but was not marked and as such you need to know a few clues if you are going to accurately describe a piece as Juliana. Enjoy!

Thank you for visiting my blog and tutorial – and thank you for the support – my best!

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