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To begin my instructional on how to identify jewelry by DeLizza & Elster, I am first going to go into what type of jewelry they made. In short, D&E made all kinds of jewelry – they competed in the marketplace by keeping up with trends and fads, and so their product line was as varied as the number of years their doors were open (1947-1990).

A new york based company, D&E was in the middle of the hot spot for fashion. They thus produced a product line that began w/huge, over-the-top rhinestone designs of the 50s and progressed to the huge, chunky styles of the 70s and 80s.

Also – let me preface this entire blog w/the statement that it is actually a misnomer to call this jewelry Juliana Jewelry. Juliana Jewelry was a line of paper tagged jewelry made by D&E for only about 2 years, c1966-1968. However, the term “Juliana” has become synonymous w/any jewelry made by D&E. For the purpose of this blog, the terms Juliana and D&E will be interchangeable.

Come back next time when I will be talking about generalized construction characteristics of D&E jewelry and how they relate to the identification of D&E.

They Made:


Juliana Brooch

a brooch/pendant combination

Juliana Brooch/Pendant Combination


A Juliana Pendant


A Juliana Necklace


A Juliana Bauble Bracelet


Juliana Earrings

sweater guards

picture coming soon

rings (quite rare)

these are so rare,

that I may never

acquire one to show you


A Juliana Belt


A Juliana Belt Buckle

hair jewelry

these include clips and combs

picture coming soon


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