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This is a varied line, with many different shapes and colors, and in my opinion, very underappreciated.  The findings are textured and sophisticated, and the combination of rope and leaf findings adds such an amazing dimension to the jewelry – these pieces are very fashionable and very versatile!


I’ve long known this piece came in Milk Glass – one of my most favorite mediums.  But I was equally excited to find this piece in Pink Moonstone:

I just acquired the black version of this rope finding brooch – I have never seen black before, only green, topaz, milk glass, and pink. I will post images of my other versions as soon as I get them photographed.

Images below click open to a larger version.

I’ve added a new piece of D&E to the Milk Glass Collection – visit that showcase here:

Juliana Milk Glass Collection by CranberryManor

D&E is also know for their use of a wide variety, often obscure (and thus unique) findings. Such is the case w/these, for lack of a better term, Curly-Qs. This oval and round shaped jewelry comes in a variety of colors, as showcased below. There is another shape, triangular, however, that, while often touted as D&E, actually is not, as verified by Mr. DeLizza. I have included an image of that set below as well.

Click images below for a larger view:

Authentic D&E:

Not by DeLizza & Elster:

Juliana Milk Glass Pieces:

As this highly collectible, and very hot, jewelry is being discovered and studied by an increasing number of both dealers and collectors, we are coming to discover some extraordinary pieces.

I have a small collection of, what I call, Milk Glass Jewelry, by DeLizza & Elster (D&E), in both blue and white, that I wish to showcase for you below. Often referred to as “Chalk White”, this style of jewelry is timeless and elegant.

Click images below for a larger view:

White Milk Glass:

New – 12/8/10

New – 11/2/10


This piece is also
in blue milk glass below.

Blue Milk Glass:

My Gallery of Juliana Jewelry (Jewelry by DeLizza & Elster) – The Dangles Collection

Here are examples of jewelry decorated w/attached dangles – to determine if a dangly piece is D&E, you need to look for the traits outlined in the Training Chart below:

The Training Charts

(click on the thumbnails below for a larger version):

The Gallery


New ~

Topaz & Sun Dangles

Black Tear Drop Rhinestone
Dangle Brooch by D&E

Black Rhinestone Dangle
Demi by D&E

Topaz Rhinestone Dangle
Demi by D&E

Round Topaz Rhinestone
Dangle Brooch by D&E

Triangular Topaz Rhinestone
Dangle Brooch by D&E

Pastel Rhinestone
Dangle Brooch by D&E

Frosted Seed Bead Rhinestone
Dangle Brooch by D&E

Blue Crackle Bead Rhinestone
Dangle Brooch by D&E

Cranberry Pink Rhinestone
Dangle Brooch by D&E

Pink Crackle Bead Rhinestone
Dangle Brooch by D&E


I will be updating this gallery as I acquire
new beaded pieces by D&E
please check back frequently

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